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Dreams worth losing

Sitting staring at the screen
wishing for a dream
knowing deep down deep inside
it isn't meant to be.

Then seeing something pop across
a sea of unpretty
beauty, smile, attractiveness
amazing as can be

Drop a note, hope for hope
that interest yields response
Playful words with certainty prove
that hope need not be lost.

Walk down the street looking for
the beauty one should see
heartbeat thumps, excitement jumps
it's smiling back at me.

Tour the city, share the fun
show you all the sites
Party, dance, and drink it up
in that amazing night.

Three more days and three more nights
we share each other's time
Talking, dancing, feeling deep
intensity sublime

Yet finally your time is up
we have to end the dream
a thousand miles distance kills
what possibility seems

Still, I sit and think about
the time that we shared
and hope that when I dream again
maybe you'll be there.
Tags: poetry

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